Monday, 29 April 2013


  • I love the simplicity of GlamCut & the layout of the title on the front cover. 
  • The second image of the layout is fab too, i would like to take inspiration from this page for maybe some cool hunting around Harvey Nics. 
  • The left photoshoot on the 3rd page is cool.
  • The bold text really stands out - i enjoy!
  • I could maybe bring in some photoshop skilllzzz - create something interesting like the last image.
Just a few thoughts & ideas to get me started!

The Harvey Nics shoot will be shot indoors, our ideas for our zines will be pitched to Harvey Nicholes and they will then choose the best 3 that are most suited for the store. These will then be sold in the store for £3 each and the money will go to charity. 

We each get to do a photoshoot in the Harvey Nicholes store in Leeds and get to go wild and use any of the garments, shoes & accessories! VERY exciting. Therefore the garments will not be allowed to leave the premises of the store meaning i will have to do an indoor shoot. 

Therefore i need to start thinking about the type of photoshoot i want to end up with. Think about lighting and location around the store - i like the images of these window shots. Also the ones just around the store near the rails - casual look. 

I think at the moment i am aiming for a clear, summery, fresh look. The garments i choose from the store will possibly be muted colours, whites, pinks, soft pastel colours. Maybe a bold lip on my model like the last image?

I also like the focused shot of just the clothes and no face. 

Very inspired by COS, & Other Stories, GlamCut

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