Thursday, 23 May 2013


I'm finally getting round to blogging about my work experience - with a little help from my current PPP module. 

After e-mailing my CV and a cover letter out to millions of different companies, magazines, stylists, modelling agencies and either getting ignored, or an email back saying the position is already filled is pretty gutting! However after many tries i finally got an email back from Underground England! Amazing! They emailed me asking if i could come down to London to their Brick Lane office for an interview to be a, Showroom Sales Assistant. The interview was literally 5 days after the email and at 10:00 in the morning, luckily I have somewhere to stay in London so this last minute offer was not a problem. 

I hadn't had my portfolio ready or anything so them 5 days were dedicated to portfolio work - stress, but i wasn't complaining as i felt so lucky to had been given an interview at such a well known respected independent company. 

The nerves were awful, the night before i had planned my journey to the office, i have been to London many times before so getting there want too bad. When i stepped in the large building of offices in the heart of Brick Lane i couldn't breathe! The nerves had got so bad, but i was so excited at the same time. 

I found the office and knocked on the first black Underground England door i saw and asked for Linda - she smiled at me calmingly and directed me to another door for me to sit and wait as she wasn't quite ready for me. 

I was sat in the showroom with all the sample Underground England shoes - creepers mainly. I felt so much calmer as i was sat down it meant i could have time to sort myself out and breathe. 

If i could advise anyone now it would be to take a bottle of water, tissues and an umbrella as i got caught in all the rain on the way there, (not a good look) & it was freezing cold so i had a runny nose (nothing worse than a sniffly nose) and my mouth had gone so dry because of the nerves!

Linda entered the room with a sheet of paper with questions she was going to ask me. In the e-mail i wasn't required to bring a portfolio but i did anyway just incase i ran out of things to say, its so easy to talk about your own work. She was also impressed that i used my initiative.  

The questions she was asking me were quite easy to answer, i was getting worried that i would have to do the whole..  'umm, ermm, could you repeat the question please' to give me time to think of an answer. But it was all good! The questions were good because it was questions about me, my work, what i wanted to do in the future and why i applied for the internship. The interview lasted for about 10 minutes and i felt myself just talking and talking which was good because I'm usually rubbish in interviews! 

Overall it was a great experience, i didn't get the job as they found someone else with more experience (...annoying) however when i emailed her back asking if there was anything i could have done to improve my interview or any tips for the future she messaged back saying she was very impressed with the interview & impressed that i brought my portfolio.. however they wanted someone with a little more experience. 

AH WELL.. keep on trying! 

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